Hiroshima Archive

Inspired by the photographic work Hiroshima by Japanese artist Hiromi Tsuchida, The Hiroshima Archive was originally set up to join the online effort made by many people all over the world to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing. The archive is intended to serve as a research and educational guide to those who want to gain and expand their knowledge of the atomic bombing.

The original website (www.lclark.edu/~history/HIROSHIMA/) is no longer active, but we have archived the content here. We have updated portions of the site to reflect changes from when it was originally published.

About this project

This archive was authored in 1995 by Mayu Tsuruya with Professor Gerald Figal as academic sponsor at Lewis & Clark College. (He now teaches at the University of Delaware.) Also, students from Professor Figal's fall 1995 class The Atomic Bomb: Experience, History, and Memory contributed to the archive by searching and annotating World Wide Web resources for its directory. (Please see these Credits.) We had one contributor from Japan who compiled the bibliography of children's books, too.

The Gallery

The Gallery shows poignant imagery from the postwar work Hiroshima by Hiromi Tsuchida, published with permission.


Hiroshima Resources offers Internet resources as well as a selected bibliography of printed books, articles, and other research materials regarding the bombing of Hiroshima. Its main foci are history and the arts.