Nagasaki Panorama

The panorama shot from the hypocenter to the Daiichi Hospital seen from Yamazato hills. Foreground, a part of western Yamazato-machi. The place between shore protection of Shimono-kawa River (right upstream) and a prefectural road (the present National Highway No.206) (from Nagasaki Station and environs (left) to Michinoo Station (right) ) is the hypocenter. The telegraph pole and grove near the hypocenter remain unburnt straight stood, since bomb blast and heat rays were received from right above. The track in Japanese Natiinal Railways Nagasaki Line (leads to Michinoo Station (right) from Nagasaki Station (left) ) can be seen along a prefectural road. The structure of central back is Shiroyama National School (the present Shiroyama Primary School). Taken by Shigeo Hayashi, October 1945.

Source: Nagasaki Peace Memorial Museum