Israeli Nuclear Forces

Although the Israeli government neither confirms nor denies that it possesses nuclear weapons, it is generally accepted by friend and foe alike that Israel is a nuclear-armed stateÑand has been so for nearly half a century. It is estimated that Israel has a stockpile of approximately 80 nuclear warheads for delivery by two dozen missiles, a couple of squadrons of aircraft, and perhaps a small number of sea-launched cruise missiles.

The actual number of warheads is uncertain, most experts estimate it to be around 80.


Name Year First Deployed Range (KM) Comments
F-16A/B/C/D/I Fighting Falcon 1980 1,600 Nuclear bombs posssibly stored at underground facility near Tel Nof Air Base
F-15I Ra’am (Thunder) 1998 3,500 Potential nuclear strike role

Land-based Missiles

Name Year First Deployed Range (KM) Comments
Jericho II 1984–1985 1,500+ Possibly 25–50 at Zekharia for TELs in caves
Jericho III ? 4,000 ? In development

Sea-based Missiles

Name Year First Deployed Range (KM) Comments
Dolphin-class submarines 2002 ? ? Possibly modified cruise missile for land-attack
Source: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and Federation of American Scientists