Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Bonab Atomic Energy Research Center

Bonab Atomic Energy Research Center conducts research on for irradiation and other agricultural issues.

37.422467°N, 46.012474°E


Two partially completed nuclear power reactors (1,000 MW). Bushehr #1 is being completed with Russian assistance.

28.829202°N, 50.883982°E

Rudan Nuclear Research Center, Fasa

This facility is thought to the site of an uranium hexafluoride gas conversion plant, or some other form of nuclear research center.

28.931623°N, 53.621993°E

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran

Sharif University of Technology is Iran's central repository for nuclear research. It is also the alleged site of their uranium centrifuge research. Their are two small research reactors at the University of Tehran.

35.701219°N, 51.351686°E

Ardekan Nuclear Fuel Unit

Possible uranium conversion facility to convert uranium ore to nuclear fuel for use in the Bushehr reactor.

32.329933°N, 54.007244°E

Natanz Enrichment Plant

Uranium enrichment facility. During inspections in 2003, IAEA inspectors found particles of highly enriched uranium (HEU). Iran claimed the contaminated was by the supplier country, which has not been named.

33.722305°N, 51.727839°E

Isfahan Nuclear Fuel Research and Production Center

Iran's largest nuclear research center. About 3,000 scientists work here. There is a small research reactor onsite, and plans for a larger reactor and uranium enrichment facilities have been acknowledged.

32.767646°N, 51.869116°E

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